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With the increasing quality and reliability of affordable video conferencing software video interviews have become a common method for assessing candidates. Whilst saving company time and money, video interviews are a great alternative when it comes to filtering through and reaching high calibre candidates that might not be available in your local area. Another key advantage is the option to record the interview; revising videos can be a great for refreshing your memory during the final decision-making process.

So how can you best prepare for interviewing a candidate this way? See our top tips below:

  1. Tell the candidate the interview format in advance

Prepare the candidate as much as possible. How will long will it take, will it be formal or informal, will there be technical questions?

  1. Set up your equipment

Is your webcam working and capable of giving a quality image? Check your internet connection speed is adequate. A wired Ethernet connection will be faster and smoother than Wi-Fi. Test your microphone is working!

Consider your position on camera. Make sure you are neither too close or too far away from the camera, ensuring an even frame around your face and shoulders. You need to be close enough that the candidate can clearly see your face and take note of non-verbal clues. Raising your laptop can help so you are at eye level with the candidate, and this is often more flattering than looking down!

Consider the lighting and background, experiment to find the most natural light and make sure you are presenting yourself in the most professional way possible.

Before the interview is about to start, close down any programs, webpages and your email to limit distractions.

Have your plugged your laptop? You don’t want to be running out of power mid interview. Embarrassing and unprofessional for you and the candidate.

  1. Have your notes ready, along with pens

Have the candidate’s CV in front of you along with the job description and other vital notes to reference if needed.

  1. Ensure you won’t be disturbed

Book a private meeting room in advance and write a note for the door to ensure they will be no interruptions. Close windows, turn off music and ensure your phone is on silent.

Effective video interview software and planning is what creates the happy medium between you and your potential employee and provides the opportunity to objectively evaluate many candidates who, otherwise, would have potentially never gotten a chance to interview!

Our advice and guidance is completely free, and it is based on over 20 years’ experience of working in IT and Engineering recruitment. We can provide you with salary & benefits bench marking, interview support both onsite and offsite as well as our network of HR consultants.

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