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10 Wacky but Clever Interview Questions

Want to get a glimpse of your candidate’s true personality? Pragmatic or creative? Problem solver or instigator? Leader or connector?

When it comes to weird interview questions, you can easily test your candidate’s critical and analytical thinking skills, thought process and cultural fit with a few carefully selected ‘oddball’ questions after assessing their necessary skills and experience.

If you want to provoke a more honest, insightful conversation during your next interview, consider asking one of these and see how they really tick!

  1. If you were advising Boris Johnson, how would you convince him that climate change is real?
  2. If you were a brand, what would be your motto?
  3. If you were Managing Director, what 3 things would you check about the business in the morning?
  4. What would be your spirit animal and why?
  5. What job would you do if you had a time machine?
  6. What songs best describes your work ethic?
  7. How would you sell me this paperclip?
  8. What 3 things would you bring to a desert island and why?
  9. How would your enemy describe you?
  10. What would you do with you were the one survivor in a plane crash?

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