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When an employee leaves your company, you haven’t just lost talent or time, you have lost valuable money for your company – replacing employees costs a lot! Employee loyalty is hard to find, but we believe, is ultimately the key to business success. 

Which is why, at MARS Recruitment we work hard on finding the perfect candidate that will stay with the business and grow and progress within your organisation. But don’t just take our word for it.

In the last year, 91.5% of candidates we placed throughout 2020 are still within their jobs. In 2019, 89.2%, and from 2018, 77% of our hires still remain with their employed company.

The retention of the candidates we have placed is high because we do a thorough job of assessing their fit for your organisation, making sure they have the right skills, the right experience and the motivation that is right for your business.  We take the time to get to know who they are first by asking the right questions.

So, what can you as a business, do to play a positive role in your staff retention?

  • Selection – give your prospective employees a realistic job preview at recruitment stage
  • Career development and training opportunities – maximise opportunities for employees to develop their skills and career. Where promotions are not feasible, look for alternatives to allow for different development opportunities
  • Consult your employees – give them a voice through regular performance conversations and grievance systems.
  • Be flexible – wherever possible, try to accommodate individual preferences on working hours and times and ensure their workload is manageable within their contracted hours
  • Employee well-being – Offer support to manage issues such as workplace stress

Did you know we have 20 years’ experience supporting companies in the Engineering, Science and Technology markets? If you’re looking for your next hire in the IT sector, please get in touch with one of our expert recruitment specialists for a consultative chat.

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