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2021 has seen hiring practices go through big changes. Employee burnout, remote work, labour shortages and record levels of employee turnover. With hiring difficulties are set to persist, candidates continue to be in a powerful position to negotiate what they want from companies as predicted by Glassdoor.

Avoid common mistakes other businesses have fallen victim to and read on to safeguard your hiring in 2022:

Benefits and brand building

The power has now shifted into the hands of the candidate. After re-evaluating their priorities and reflecting on what they want from work, they can afford to be much more picky in their pursuit of their dream job or find more meaningful work.

Going into 2022, while the flexibility offered by remote work is valuable for employees, companies will need to maintain and enhance employee connection and community. Consider benefits such as: healthcare coverage, financial wellness and retirement planning.

Recruit for soft skills

We’ve known for some time, qualifications and experience are no longer the be all end all (unless the role genuinely needs it). Think about what your business needs in a post-pandemic world and adjust your job specifications accordingly. Look for skills with a focus on attitude, decision making, communication and desire to learn from failure.

Boost access with remote recruitment

It’s here to stay, so keep on perfecting your remote recruiting skills! More and more candidates are continuing to expect remote work, so continue to embrace virtual interviews and remote recruitment, it’s time saving and an efficient way of screening candidates.

Be open minded to salary budget

As when a commodity in such short supply and the cost of everything from gas to food soars to record highs, it is crucial that organisations are flexible to award salary increases as effectively as possible and prioritise increases for critical employees.

Take an audit of your company

Ask yourself, what makes you different and why would your next great hire want to join you? Is your employee value proposition (EVP) boring? Within this disrupted global talent market, you need to ensure you define a strong EVP that informs, entertains, and communicates your key differentiators in a way that resonates with candidates emotionally.

Is your culture more relaxed and nurturing or determined and career driven? By being selective about the type of candidate you want and who will thrive in your culture will also allow candidates to self-select too.

Hold on to existing talent

Prompted by the high number of vacancies and burnout caused by the pandemic, the currently anticipated “great resignation,” is set to hit, with manufacturing, construction, tech and logistics workers most confident about finding a new role next year.

So, as we enter 2022, holding onto talent will take centre stage as employers realise recruiting to replace existing staff not only costs but can halt growth plans, with onboarding delaying further. With so many companies competing for the same technical talent, matching salary offers has become increasingly difficult for small to medium businesses. Use 2022 to redefine your people strategy – from benefits on offer to company culture and rewarding loyalty

Don’t wait to hire

As we’ve said before in our previous blog ‘don’t hang about with your hiring! If you find the right talent, act quickly. Hesitating might mean you loose the candidate to someone else. Be prepared to adapt, have good communication and don’t stretch out the process.

Hiring now? We can help.

At MARS Recruitment, our consultant’s aim is to really understand the career aspirations and motivations behind a candidate’s job search. This enables our team to match not only technical skills, but to align someone’s career goals and personality to the right job role and hiring business.

If you would like to engage a Recruitment Consultancy which really goes the extra mile to understand and ensure that we’re placing the right individuals into your business, please do not hesitate to contact the MARS Recruitment Team for an informative discussion around your recruitment challenges. Email us at jobs@marsrecruitment.com or call on 01993 220 590.

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