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New starter checklist – Keep them sweet before the first day!

You’ve made a hire, congratulations! But there is a delay in their start date. We are increasingly seeing the average notice period of 4 weeks extended to 6 – 8 weeks, sometimes even 3 months.

Avoid cold feet or worse a a counter offer with our tips below!

keep them engaged

If your new hire isn’t starting for a few weeks or months, there is potential for them to be counter offered, be offered something else or simply have second thoughts and back out.

Avoid this risk with our New Hire Checklist and keep your hires engaged until their start date!

Send a welcome pack

Send your new hire a welcome card, gift or some company merchandise ahead of them joining. As well as being a joy to receive, they’re a sure sign to your new hire that you’re serious about building something special with them and it will get your new hire excited for what’s to come! You don’t need to spend a lot, a little gesture like sending a personalised card can go a long way.

organise a get together

This could be something as simple as going for after work drinks on a Friday, meeting for lunch or a coffee. If a face-to-face meet isn’t practical, book a video call for the new hire and their team. Short get-to-know-you chats can help establish strong working relationships and will result in a more engaged new joiner.

start training early

Give your new hires the opportunity to get a head start, clearing the way for a more exciting first day. What information can you share with your new joiners at this point to set them up for success in advance?

Think about sharing your company values, your organisational structure and the projects they will be involved in; this will help your new hire feel more comfortable and less anxious in the run-up to joining.

Emphasise that paperwork isn’t mandatory to complete ahead of time, but explain why they might want to get started early.

If the new starter has annual leave to use up, you could suggest they come in for meet and greet days, training or onboarding days, but accrue additional leave or days in lieu for when they start (as typically they can’t do paid work for another company during their notice period). Some companies are also reaching an agreement with the new starter and their previous employer to swap handover weeks.

answer any questions

The anxiety a new starter can feel before starting a new job can be avoided by informing them of the key details before their first day. ‘What time should I arrive? What’s the dress code? Where do I park? Who do I direct my questions to?’ It’s your responsibility to communicate any answers up front as early as possible.

It’s never too early to start building a strong, positive relationship with your new hires. We hope these preboarding tips will help you to keep your new hires engaged and ultimately boost your business’ success and retention for years to come! For more advice on how to safeguard your hiring in 2022 check out Everything You Need to Know About 2022 Hiring. 

Hiring now? We can help. 

At MARS Recruitment, our consultant’s aim is to really understand the career aspirations and motivations behind a candidate’s job search. This enables our team to match not only technical skills, but to align someone’s career goals and personality to the right job role and hiring business.

If you would like to engage a Recruitment Consultancy which really goes the extra mile to understand and ensure that we’re placing the right individuals into your business, please do not hesitate to contact our team for an informative discussion around your recruitment challenges.