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The relentless advances of new technology is emerging on so many fronts, its unpredictable, unprecedented and quite frankly, a tough job keeping up. With many of these disruptive technologies set to impact the employment landscape and longevity of existing employee’s skillsets how can you anticipate future needs through employee training, prioritising talent development and their future workforce strategy? Find out here:

Key technology trends set to shape the future global economy:

  • Artificial Intelligence – advanced machine learning is bringing computers to near human-level intelligence with user interfaces such as speech and gesture recognition technology, which will advance to increased productivity.
  • Internet devices – More than 10 billion* devices are connected to the internet every single day and is set to grow to 1 trillion in the next decade, with mobile computing devices set to dominate internet connectivity.
  • Virtual reality – virtual and augmented reality is predicted to become a £60 billion market by 2025.** Major upgrades will come to technology infrastructure with more sophisticated hardware and growing development of apps set to drive user adoption.
  • Cloud technology – as cyber security improves, cloud technology will continue to impact over the next decade, with nearly all IT services and web apps predicted to be delivered through the cloud.
  • Advanced robotics – advances in artificial intelligence will cause a surge in demand for tech talent in building, operating and maintaining advanced robots.

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*Insights documented by Wired article, David Pugla at Frontrange.

**Figures documented by Heather Bellini, Business Unit Leader, Media and Technology at Goldman Sachs Research.

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