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Are you making your job search as productive as possible?  Maximise your chance of getting a job during lockdown:

A lot of people find themselves on the job market at the moment for numerous reasons because of Coronavirus. Whether you were looking for a new job before the pandemic hit or you lost your job because of it – do not panic and do not give up. Some industries have been hit hard, whilst we are seeing others ramp up their hiring due to user demand. Maximise your chances of finding the next opportunity – here’s what you need to know:

  • Your CV – Yes we know you saw this one coming but is it really the best it can be? Have you clearly stated what you are looking for and how you can provide value to a business? Make this your headline. For example “I am a (Professional Title) who specialises in (Area of Expertise) in order to help businesses (Generate Revenue or Work more efficiently in a specific way).
  • Recruitment Agencies – find the good ones! Make direct contact with specialist recruitment agencies that can help…oh hi, that’s us! Picking up the phone is the first step!
  • Flex contacts within your network – LinkedIn is a great place to start and you can use this to monitor prospective job opportunities. Be authentic, be specific, suggest meeting for a coffee with your contacts!
  • Job boards – Apart from hitting the main ones Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs and Jobsite if you work within a specialist field there are job boards to cater for your line of work, for example, Jobserve & CW Jobs are used extensively within the IT industry
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset – stand out from competition and develop your skills, take on a personal challenge. Use your time outside of job searching and consider freelance opportunities – websites Nosweat and Upwork are good places to start.

*Top Tips*

With a lot of jobs currently remote, be prepared to discuss your best work from home practices. Think about how the pandemic may have impacted the businesses you’ve spoken to already. If you’ve got a great idea for how to add value during this pandemic, speak up and share your thoughts! Many of us are trying to come up with a new plan right now and that may include your dream employer!

Opportunities are out there, just stay patient and adjust your expectations to the ever changing market. All candidates have to be realistic and open minded in their expectations and remember – it’s ok to get frustrated! Keep applying to jobs and keep positive, a friendly chat with a recruiter discussing your situation and CV details should be taken as a small victory, and who knows what opportunity it could lead to.

If you’re considering your next step, get in contact with one of our expert recruitment consultants for a confidential chat about the career options available to you or check out our live jobs here!

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We hope you are all keeping well and safe, best of luck with your job search!