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As we finally begin to emerge from the pandemic, businesses who had to let staff go in order to survive the immediate crisis are now in a position to rethink the growth of their workforce once again. But there is still a great deal of uncertainty and nervousness from candidates when it comes to moving jobs. But for how long?

According to a recent report by NBC News, “There are now more jobs available than before the pandemic. So why aren’t people signing up?”

If we have learnt anything from the last year, it’s that job security is more important than ever before, and consequently, many candidates are hesitant to make a move, especially when they’re secure in their current position. With fewer candidates wanting to move, and lots of companies looking to hire again, many companies are faced with a supply and demand problem when it comes to finding talent. All too often we see hesitant hiring managers losing out on fast-moving, high-quality candidates who fit the role like a glove – so what can you, as a business do to attract and more importantly secure that top talent when it’s right in front of you?

  • Provide a positive candidate experience – ensure you’re hiring to fill a real need, your job description is accurate and clear, define and articulate your culture when speaking to candidates, follow up early and often and don’t forget to thank the candidate for their time!
  • Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ – hire the candidate who is 60-70% of what you are looking for, who will do the job well. Prioritise candidate attitude over skillset.
  • Don’t stretch out the process – Candidates expect the recruitment process, from interview to offer, to be wrapped up quickly. If you don’t get back to them within 2-3 days then they are likely to lose interest in the job.
  • Have good communication – communication is key and really can make all the difference between a candidate cooperating with you and them accepting another job offer! Keep your Recruitment Consultant in the loop of what’s happening too as they can ensure your candidate is assured and prepared for what comes next.
  • Another important note – after making the offer, don’t drop communication until the start date! Keep consistent and frequently touch base.

Hiring now? We can help!

At MARS Recruitment, our consultant’s aim is to really understand the career aspirations and motivations behind a candidate’s job search. This enables our team to match not only technical skills, but to align someone’s career goals and personality to the right job role and hiring business.

If you would like to engage a Recruitment Consultancy which really goes the extra mile to understand and ensure that we’re placing the right individuals into your business, please do not hesitate to contact the MARS Recruitment Team for an informative discussion around your recruitment challenges. Email us at jobs@marsrecruitment.com or call on 01993 220 590.

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