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Does Hiring Really Slow Down in the Summer?

School’s out, summertime is officially here, and chances are you’ve been enjoying the glorious weather, counting down to a much anticipated trip away or planning on some lazy BBQ evenings with family and friends. And did someone say beer garden?

No one would blame you for assuming that summer is the worst time to job search.

But we are here to tell you that now is definitely not the right time to take a mental pause from your job search.

The reality

The reality is that no successful or competitive company can afford to take the summer off.

Typically, in the Engineering and IT industries, we see a lot of businesses hiring in the first quarter of the year as teams build new momentum, there are new budgets and many people quit or change positions having reflected on their current role at the end of the previous year.

We are working with many manufacturers who have increased their headcount by large numbers over the course of 2022 and this will continue throughout the summer months. We are also seeing a wide pool of talent increasingly search for remote opportunities across the IT sector, IT support in particular. There has been a particularly steep increase since the start of the year as the cost of living crisis continues to have a huge impact on households. If this happens to be you, search some of our hybrid opportunities here!


The Financial Times report UK employment rates hit record highs even as the economy falls, with the number of full-time employees at a record high, redundancies at record lows, and the number of unfilled jobs at an all-time high of £1.3m.

What’s more, the number of jobseekers looking for remote jobs via the Google search engine exploded over 200% above their usual rate back in January 2020, and have continued to rise throughout the past two years. 

4 reasons why summer is the best time to job hunt:

In recruitment, summer is just like any other season.

So don’t buy into the theory that there will be no jobs available.

The truth is, recruitment agencies like us, work all year round and our clients don’t stop operating either. So, here’s 4 reasons why summer is the best time to job hunt:

  1. Less competition

The fewer CVs in the mix, the better chance you will have to catch the Hiring Manager’s attention! During the rest of the year, you could be up against hundreds of other candidates so take advantage and get applying and most importantly, be present for summer recruitment.


  1. Hiring managers have more time

Of course, they may be taking time off for a holiday like the rest of us, but with companies tending to slow down in the summer, they are less likely to be tied up in yearend related projects or tax related deadlines and more and will therefore have more time to sort though applications and


  1. It’s more convenient to arrange interviews

It’s far easier and less suspicious to request time off over the summer so continue your job search


  1. It’s easier to arrange a face-to-face meet

Summer is the perfect time to reach out to an old colleague or a contact from your network, and people are keener to get out of the office so get out there and expand your networks!


Hiring managers are on the hunt for top talent now!

A new job search offers an opportunity not only to find your next great role, but also to explore all sorts of exciting companies, like these opportunities below. The best part? They’re all looking for top candidates like you. See what positions we have available right now.