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Create a stand-out tech CV

As the tech industry continues to accelerate, so does the demand for top employees!

Technology is an ever-changing industry, and your CV needs to change with it.

Whether you’re a software engineer, IT support engineer or data analyst, check out these 5 tips to craft a winning CV to get you noticed!


So, in such a competitive environment, how do you make your tech CV stand out when it’s sitting amongst thousands of others?

Here’s our top 5 tips for writing your Tech CV:

Opening statement 

Take some time to figure out what you want in your next position, then use this to highlight the specific skills and experiences to highlight in your opening statement. It will be the first thing your prospective employer will read about you, so use impactful language to draw them in whilst keeping sentences punchy and concise, summarising who you are as a tech professional.

If you really want the hiring manager to sit up and take notice, then lead with a focus directed towards how you can make a difference to their tech team and company.

If you are not absolutely clear about what you want, try to envision an ideal position that will value you for the main characteristics and experiences you want to be hired for. 

Technical skills

Include your knowledge of each technology and how proficient you are in each technology (i.e. ‘proficient in Java, C, intermediate Python‘). Draw attention to what your key strengths are and arrange them advanced, mid-level, basic and how many years’ experience for each.

For example, your technical skills section could look like this:

Programming: C# (2 years), Java (5 years), Python (6 years)

Operating systems: Ubuntu (1 year), OSX (5 years), Linux (7 years)

Testing: Mercury Quality Centre (1 year), Test Director (1 year)


Remember! Balance technical experience with additional skills. While technical expertise may be your main focus, it’s also important to include other detail that shows how well you do your job.  Think about how you can show your skills in leadership, collaboration and project management and your wider commercial acumen.

Courses and Qualifications

Put your education above work experience if you have under 2-years’ experience. List your education and if you completed a degree, be specific about projects and methodologies within it – the objective, the process the goal, and the technology stack that was involved, how you used each particular language, framework, etc. You should also list any supplementary courses you’ve completed.

Career history

List previous positions on your CV and include bullet points explaining your exact role within the company, projects you executed, and what you accomplished. Don’t forget to emphasise the wins you’ve accomplished in your career working in tech. We have an increasing number of hiring managers prioritising candidates with personal projects, so be sure to mention these and be prepared to discuss if invited for interview!


Show you’re up to date

The IT industry is possibly the fastest-changing sector you can work in, as new technologies are appearing all the time. Go through your CV every year to ensure you weed out any outdated technologies and skills, as well as adding new ones.  In such a fast-paced industry, you don’t want to appear out of touch.

So now you you are all set to write a knock-out technical CV that stands out from the crowd! Good luck in your job hunt!

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