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You have found your dream role with the perfect company. An opportunity that really got your blood pumping and made you say out loud “I can do that job. I WANT that job”.  A job description that actually got you excited and ticked all your boxes.

But wait, you don’t have all the requirements listed in the job ad.  You aren’t “good enough” for the job.

You don’t apply. 

No matter how many degrees you have, or how many years of industry experience you have under your belt, you will never meet all the job requirements in any given job ad. The truth is, despite the checklist, a company is much more likely to hire someone who has key transferable skills and is a good cultural fit irrespective of their experience. And we know by now that the right cultural fit equals higher employee retention and higher productivity. Employee happiness benefits everyone!

Perhaps the industry is new to you, and the fear of switching industries and the unknown is holding you back. But remember, everyone has to start somewhere. How else do you expect to build on your expertise, improve knowledge and broaden your professional horizons? It could lead you somewhere you can be truly passionate about!

Whether it’s fear of competition, lack of experience or skills or you just feel… it’s not the right time. (It never is). Push that hesitation to the side and form a more positive perception of yourself and your career achievements so far! You have a lot to offer.

Here’s our top strategies to help you get hired, even if you don’t meet all the job requirements:

  • Despite a seemingly exhaustive list of essential requirements, it is unrealistic to expect to tick every single box (the perfect candidate doesn’t exist), so if you tick in the region of 50%+ and are passionate, positive and willing to learn, go ahead and apply to what could be your dream role!
  • Focus on your transferable skills – showcase experiences where you made a positive impact and brought value to a company through previous projects. And be specific, justify how you can achieve results that will translate into business success.
  • Emphasise your soft skills to strengthen your suitability for the job, such as being an inquisitive and diligent fast learner and your ability to pick up new concepts quickly.
  • Show genuine enthusiasm and a spark for the company and role.

The only thing stopping you from grabbing a new opportunity is fear! You have nothing to lose by applying and if you want to move forward in your career, you will need to be brave and take a leap of faith every now and again! So go for it, embrace the fear and apply for that job anyway!

If you’re considering your next career step, get in touch with one of our expert recruitment consultants for a confidential chat about the career options available to you or check out our live roles here.

We hope you are all keeping well and safe, best of luck with your job search!

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